Madina Institute Center for Non-violence and Peace Studies

Our Mission

We work to reclaim and reaffirm nonviolence, a foundational principle of Islam, as a pervasive lived reality for communities of peace across the world.

Our Vision

We work to create a world of strengthened universal values where people, communities and governments are invested in nonviolence as a foundational principle transforming people, places and power, for peace.


A Fundamental Principle

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Our Values

Every day, our people, processes and utilization of resources are guided by these core values and fixed firm beliefs underpinning our work.

Love of God and Love of creation

We believe in God and the love for all His creation. We are a faith based organization.

Reverance for the sancity for life

We believe that each life is sacred. Islam teaches us first and foremost that all of our fellow human beings, irrespective of religious, racial, ethnic, gender, or other differences have an inherent and immeasurable worth and dignity.

Equality in diversity

We believe that our radical equality before God leads us to think no less of another human for being “different”.

Our Upcoming Events

Our Goals

We work to educate and advocate for nonviolence and peace, promoting the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors that personify these purposes.

Our programs

A brief list of our programs

Education and Training
Research and publications
Community outreach and organising
1st Orange The World Youth Summit 2016

A word from our Founder

"Peace both inner and outer is not just the absence of violence, but the presence and experience of love. Peace begins with love, and love begins with peace."
"Love God, Love People. Thats the message."