NVP 105: Contemporary challenges: Transformative leadership in nonviolence & peace

Introduction to peacebuilding and peacemaking. Introductory concepts of leadership, power, justice, order, accountability, collective decision-making (Shura). Non-violence & Peacemaking leadership (Prophet Muhammad) – Prophetic character in resolving conflict and making peace. Characters of peaceful resolve (Imam Husayn). Basic concepts in interfaith dialogue. Intra and inter Islam conflict management, negotiation & mediation for Muslim leaders. Nonviolence spirituality – Human nature & the state of the heart (Anger, Compassion, Love, Patience & Tazkiyyah). Conflict as a Divine means of testing the individual. Adab al ikhtilaf fi al Islam. Leadership skills for resolving and transforming conflict. Leadership skills and resources for post-terrorism stress in Muslim minority contexts. Muslim responses to terrorism: advocacy, social media. Visionary women in the nonviolence tradition.