Our Goals

Articulate & Advocate

To articulate and advocate for a distinctive separation between Islam as a religion and violence portrayed in its name, affirming that violence violates the very core principles of Islam.


To foster mutual understanding among all people, in which nonviolent processes are used for conflict resolution, peace building, tolerance, unconditional compassion, and love.

Education & Scholarship

To institutionalize and internationalize Madinan School of Nonviolence as an approach that reduces and eases human suffering, promotes love and unconditional compassion among all people.


To increase awareness about the evils of violent and nonviolent extremism, and to counter hate with love.

To increase awareness about the abuse of religion when it comes to violence; the focus being that the causes of violent conflicts and wars are usually greed, envy, and ambition, but in an effort to sanitize them, these self-serving emotions have often been cloaked in religious rhetoric.

Support & Upskill

To help Muslim minorities to cope with Post-Terrorism Stress Disorder, especially youth affected by bullying, verbal, emotional, and/or physical abuse.