Madina Institute Center for Non-violence and Peace Studies

Our Mission

The Madina Institute Center for Non-Violence and Peace Studies (CNVPS) operates to create lasting positive change through presenting solutions and remedies for violent extremism and its ideological and sociopolitical roots. CNVPS seeks to unite experts from various fields of research to bring forward a more harmonious world by substantiating non-violence as an ethically and strategically superior method for achieving peaceful cooperation, conflict resolution, and sociopolitical change.

Our Vision

Together, we advance peace between individuals, communities, nations, and species.

Together, we prevent the rise of violent extremism and its ideological and sociopolitical roots across the world.


A Fundamental Principle

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Our Goals

Publishing high-quality research and studies on our fields of interest and reviving the advancement and revival of academic literature and intellectual produce around these topics.

Relevant Research

Providing policymakers, media agencies, and thinktanks with relevant research, data, and consultation on our fields of interest

Exchanging Information

Exchanging information on the various experiences of dealing with violence and extremism.

Building Leadership

Building qualified and skillful leadership to lead the world into becoming a more peaceful place

Our Field of Interests

Non-violence studies using Non-Violence: A Fundamental Principle as an ideological and practical framework.

Our Tools and Methods

Symposiums / Workshops /Seminars
Research and publications
Media Production
1st Orange The World Youth Summit 2016

A word from our Founder

"Peace both inner and outer is not just the absence of violence, but the presence and experience of love. Peace begins with love, and love begins with peace."
"Love God, Love People. Thats the message."