Our Field of Interests

  • Non-violence studies using Non-Violence: A Fundamental Principle as an ideological and practical framework.
  • Philosophy and theory of non-violence and its application in different social, cultural, and geopolitical contexts.
  • Case studies of non-violent attempts at conflict resolution and their relative consequences on communities in the long-term.
  • Effects of terrorism and violent extremism on victims and groups associated with perpetrators (such as Muslims suffering from Post-Terrorism Stress Disorder).
  • Extremism and identitarian supremacy within different nations, cultures, and religions, and the push-and-pull factors of ideological and violent extremism.
  • Origins of different forms of violent extremism, racial, nationalistic, and religious.
  • War, militarism, and jingoism: their destruction of life, property, and liberty and their erosion of civil society.
  • Cultivation of democratic and pluralistic values in democratically deficient areas.
  • Deconstruction of culturally essentialist explanations of underdevelopment and authoritarianism in the developing world and the study of higher-quality explanations.