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The Center for Non-violence and Peace Studies is an integral project of Madina Institute, a premier destination for Islamic education in which Muslims from all backgrounds engage traditional Islamic teachings in a healthy and tolerant environment. The Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies continues the Madinan School of Nonviolence and Peace as laid down in the Prophetic example, as a to challenge global extremism in both its violent and nonviolent forms. The Madinan concept of nonviolence goes back to the Prophet Muhammad, particularly during the first 13 years in Mecca which were war-free despite relentless small-scale violence by his opposition. For the next 10 years, Madina benefited greatly from the nonviolent practices of the Prophet Muhammad, whose life is rich with examples of nonviolent and peaceful practices in a time when wars and violence were imposed upon him and his followers.

The Madinan School of Nonviolence also draws its methods and practices from the example of the Prophetic companions and family, such as al-Husayn bin Ali, the Prophet’s grandson who led the most famous nonviolent resistance movement in Islamic history. Many other reformers and activists throughout history followed suit and were innovative in waging peace and nonviolence, epitomizing the mission, vision, philosophy, teachings, and methodologies of the Madinan School of Nonviolence: Love for all; malice toward none.

The participants in our programs are enabled to develop a deep knowledge and understanding of the history and theory of Madinan Nonviolence for practical application in daily living. Our participants are encouraged to harness nonviolence skills such as strategy, leadership and followership, communication, analytical thinking and conflict resolution. Our participants are encouraged to connect with and take nonviolent action in their respective communities and discover specific ways to positively contribute to spreading peace, unconditional compassion, and love in the world. They are encouraged to identify extremism, both violent and non-violent, and identify effective ways to intellectually challenge it.

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We work to reclaim and reaffirm nonviolence, a foundational principle of Islam, as a pervasive lived reality for communities of peace across the world.


We work to create a world of strengthened universal values where people, communities and governments are invested in nonviolence as a foundational principle transforming people, places and power, for peace.


We work based on three great values which underpin our beliefs and serve as a compass for our programs: Promotion of Love of God and His Creation, The Sanctity of Life and Radical Equality in diversity of all of humanity.