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The Madina Institute Center for Non-Violence and Peace Studies (CNVPS) is an independent research center and nonprofit organization. It seeks to provide non-violence and peace theories with a more robust academic foundation as well as facilitate peaceful relations between all. It was founded by Shaykh Dr. Muhammad bin Yahya Al-Ninowy, a Syrian-American physician and Islamic scholar, to advance a vision of a world too strong and too courageous to resort to violence. In the process of advancing the message of non-violence and peace through his hundreds of lectures in the past 30 years and through his upcoming book Non-Violence: A Fundamental Principle, he inspired thousands to adopt non-violence as an ethical doctrine. Dr. Al-Ninowy pursued creating CNVPS to continue the success of disseminating ideas based on non-violence at a more extensive and more focused level, along with his fellow researchers and students.ent and non-violent, and identify effective ways to intellectually challenge it.

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